GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance, Inc

GMS Blasting Services

Blasting Engineering Services
  • Complicated & Compliant Blasting Plans / Designs
  • Blaster and Blasting Safety Training
  • Blasting Program Analysis and Development
  • GMS Safety Cartridge
  • Explosive Blasting Research & Development
NxBurst - Sensitive Blasting Technology

Turnkey Project Services
  1. Industrial Applications
    1. Trenching
    2. Demolition
    3. Sensitive Area Blasting
    4. Rock Excavation
  2. Mine Site Blasting
    1. Over Blasting
    2. Oversize Product Blasting - add link
    3. Bottom & Roof Development Blasting

NxBurst - Sensitive Blasting Technology

Blasting Division
3016 Earl L Core Road
Morgantown, WV 26508

General Construction & Project Management

Our expertise lies in the fields of construction project management, self-performance, engineering, and procurement. We provide resources and innovative solutions, with an emphasis on safety and quality control, which produce high-quality cost effect results in a multitude of different market sectors.

Career Spotlight

Redhat to Retire: Starting a coal mining career with GMS Mine Repair.

Garrett Scales discusses his career as an underground coal miner at GMS starting as a redhat with no experience and working his way to a crew leader.


Project Spotlight

Void Fill

Recently, a customer presented GMS with a high urgency void that needed filled immediately. This void was non-standard and needed experienced problem solving in addition to labor services.

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