About GMS

Founded in 1983 as a bit sharpening company for the mining industry, GMS has grown to be The Professional Contracting Company to the energy segment. Our wide array of products and services allow us to adapt to constantly changing markets and grow in times of uncertainty. Providing careers and futures for over 1,000 employees is something that we do not take lightly and we strive every day to make our customers stronger and give our employees a better life.

Our Principles

Safety, Quality, and Efficiency - the 3 principals that have allowed us to be successful. These principles not only apply in our customer relationships, but these are also the qualities we look for in employees.

Our Standards

If GMS puts our name to a project you can guarantee that we are standing by it. Our standards go above and beyond any other company, and the work we do will reflect that. Our involvement from start to finish allows a true turnkey approach to almost every service we offer which makes us accountable and gives our customer’s results.

Our Service

If you call on GMS for any need, no matter how small, you are guaranteed professional customer service that produces results. We don’t just have customers, we know our customers. We listen to our customer’s needs, work with them to make recommendations, and build trust and relationships through quality work.