Belt Badger

Belt Rehab Mechanization
  • Air and Electric powered versions available
  • Low Profile: 33-40" in height
  • Remote controlled - reduces injury exposure for employees
  • Very useful for many types of project using available implements:
    • Rehab/Recover belt lines more efficiently
    • Excavate hard packed gob with cutter head
    • Move piled materials in tight spaces with bucket
    • Load/transer pallets with forks
    • Drill blasting or other floor hoels quickly with drill mast
    • Break-up concrete, rock, packed gob, or other hard materials with jack hammer
    • Dig sumps/cut man holes with cutter head
    • Spray gunite / shotcrete with robotic spray arm
  • Used to cut sumps and man holes
  • Reduce employee man hours and total cost
  • Meets all state approvals