Hauling Equipment - Sleds & Trailers

GMS offers a wide variety of sleds and trailers for all of your mine's underground haulage needs. Choose from any of our stock designs that can be easily tweaked to meet your needs, equipment, safety gear or materials, or you can start from scratch. Our engineering team will base the design off of your specifications. Below are some common builds.

  • Belt and Structure Sleds
  • Glue and Mesh Sleds
  • Fire Suppression Sleds
  • ERP and Safety sleds
  • Spray / Dust Suppression Trailers
  • Safety and Rescue Equipment
  • Structure and belt moves
  • Belt hauling
  • Materials hauling
  • Engineered Solutions
All sled variants available in drag behind, tow behind or scoop mobile

Safety and Rescue Trailers
Safety and Rescue Sleds
Structure Haulers

High Voltage Sleds
Dust Suppression / Spray Trailers