Coal Services - Belt Division

The GMS belt Division is made up of experienced industry professionals with years of experience. If you are looking to install a belt line, terminal group, belt line recovery, or just needing some general belt department consulting we’ve got you covered.

Terminal Groups

If you are looking to install a terminal group be sure to make GMS your first call. From managing the project to training your employees to doing the turn key installation we are to improve your efficiency and get you back in the coal.

Belt Rehab

In this time of uncertainty we understand the importance of recovering as much capital equipment as possible. Whether you are looking to reclaim a belt line to put in new structure, move to a different location, or seal up your mine we can save you time and money with our team.


When planning the next move for your mine be sure to contact us. We are fully capable of helping to design and install your overland belt, load out, and underground belt lines.