Coal Services - Contract Labor

Before an applicant can become an employee of GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance they must go through several steps. Successfully passing drug and alcohol screening being first and foremost. In addition to the industry norms for testing, GMS takes it a step further by testing for synthetic and designer narcotics. We work closely with a laboratory, that is certified by the US Department of Health and Human Resources, to keep our testing program current and beyond reproach. Additionally GMS conducts random testing throughout the calendar year.

The candidate must also pass an extensive background search. GMS utilizes a background screening service that verifies a multitude of information including: criminal history (Local, National and Federal), education, driving record, social security information and more.

GMS can offer you quality experienced or inexperienced employees that you will want to hire and can be trained and assimilated into your workforce. You can have confidence that GMS can help you with any manpower requirements or experience that you may need.