Coal Services - Longwall Ops

The GMS Longwall Division represents some of the finest longwall professionals anywhere in the world. We understand that it can be nerve racking to turn any part of your longwall to another company but you can find peace knowing that if you have GMS on any part of your longwall that our professionals come with a world of experience. Several members of our Longwall team have performed a variety of longwall functions across the globe and in the United States learning and perfecting the safest, most efficient longwall techniques out there. From teardown to setup to best practice consulting give a member of our team a call to help alleviate the stress that comes longwall mining.

Longwall Production Consultancy

  • Analyze Production
  • Roof Support
  • Operator Training Services

Recovery Operations

  • AFC System Recovery
  • Shield Extraction
  • Stageloader Recovery
  • Shear Recovery
  • Pump Station and Electrical Installs

Installation Operations

  • AFC Installation
  • Shield and Shear Installation
  • Stageloader Installation

Longwall Production Services

  • Pumpable Cribs, Can Install, Wood Cribs, Props & Post
  • Track Haulage Recovery
  • Ventilation Management
  • Dewatering Management
  • Roof Bolting / Top Control